DeKalb County School Board Suit

The problems in DeKalb County Schools continue and so does the law suit filed by Dr. Gene Walker. His psoition is that the law used by the State School Board and the Governor is not valid under Georgia's Constitution.  He may be right.

The authority of the local school board is a Constitutionally granted authority in the state Constitution. The oversight law was passed by the legislature with no modification to the state Constitution.  All law in Georgia must comply with the state and federal Constitutions. When they do not, it is up to the courts to make that decision, but first, someone with "standing" must bring a suit and ask the court the question. In this case, Dr. Walker may have standing to bring a suit because he has a financial interest in keeping his post. If that is the case, then he can ask the court to decide the validity of the law removing him. As the state Constitution is witten, the Governor does not have the ability to control the local school board. The Georgia Supreme Court could decide to reinstate the old school board. Stay tuned.

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